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FEISTI Media offers a simple and unique way to create professional and affordable websites specifically for the entertainment industry.

Are you a filmmaker, performer, company, or other member of the entertainment industry who wants a website for yourself or your project?

Do you want a professional website at an affordable & transparent price?

Do you want the ability to update all content on your website instantly at any time & for no additional cost?

Do you want guidance and tips based on your specific type of website?

You can have a website as quickly as it takes you to answer simple questions. No time waiting on programmers. No tricks or gimmicks.

Why Create A Website With FEISTI?

Your website is quickly and automatically created and updated. You are in control of the content on your website. You can change or update your website at any time, without requiring our assistance and without additional fees. We make having a website as easy and simple as using common social media.

We offer special tools that will save you time, such as being able to set when content posts to and is removed from your website. We make it simple to embed videos, add activity feeds from social media, and include links.

We will provide step-by-step guidance and tips for your website based on extensive research.

Strategies for search engine optimization are a priority. Additionally, being associated with Feisti will help your rating on search engines, since you will benefit from the traffic to all of the Feisti websites, from Feisti only providing entertainment-related websites, and from Feisti having been on the internet for years.

We won’t advertise on your website. This is not often guaranteed by website services, particularly the ones that are supposedly free or low cost. If they do advertise, there is a good chance the advertisements will be your competitors.

All the prices are transparent, so unexpected costs don't push you over budget.

You can Sign In to instantly add or change information on your website, and so don’t worry if you are still gathering content, such as waiting on headshots or in development on your project. With Feisti, that doesn’t stop you from starting your website now.

Why Have a Website?

STAND OUT as an entertainment professional with an online presence.

Show your brand and image.

Provide a complete and clear resource for information, similar to a press kit.

Organize and bring together your online and social media presence.

Illustrate your quality and credibility.

Stake your claim online and improve your chances of being found in online searches.

Properly market yourself in this digital world.

Have the ability to maximize your use of online resources and your engagement with an audience.

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