Making your FILM FEISTI

Full Website

On your website, you can have any combination of the Basic and Additional Elements.
We suggest including all of the Basic Elements, when you are able, for a complete and professional website.

Basic Elements Free Additional Elements:
Mini Website

If you begin with a Mini Website, you may upgrade to a Full Website at any time. Your Mini Website will only include these elements and will not have the same degree of customization as the Full Website.

Mini Elements

How much will this cost?

Full Website for a Film/Series
$400 for initiation and one year of service.

Mini Website for a Film/Series
$150 for the initiation and one year of service
You may upgrade to the Full Website at any time, and the initiation amount you paid will be applied against the price of the Full Website, which is subject to change.
The first year will start upon the initial purchase, and that start date will not be affected by an upgrade.

Continued Service for either a Full or a Mini Website After the initial year, maintenance of your website and your ability to make changes to your website will be $60 per year (which is just $5 per month) or $40 for six months.

(Optional) Domain Name You can have your own domain name for your website at your additional cost of purchasing and maintaining a domain name. You can have multiple domain names for accessing your website. At this time, Feisti does not resell domain names. Therefore, if you would like to purchase one, please do so through a web service provider of your choice, such as Go Daddy. You can purchase a domain name at any time, and you absolutely do not need to purchase one before you sign up with Feisti. You do not need to purchase a domain name at any time to have a website with Feisti, as access and hosting through Feisti is included. Your website will always automatically be at, and viewers will be redirected there to view your website.